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AI4CARDIO Project Kick-Off Workshop

Posted on 2022-07-16
The AI4CARDIO Project (hear Artificial Intelligence for CARDIO) was launched this Friday, July 15, 2022, at the Songhai Center in Porto-Novo in the presence of practicing Cardiology Researchers, Computer Science Researchers and some PhD students.
Indeed, the AI4CARDIO Project is an initiative set up by the CEA-MITIC of Senegal and the CEA-SMIA of Benin. According to Dr. Mouhamadou Lamine BA, Professor and Researcher in Computer Science (Alioune Diop University of Bambey, Senegal), the goal is to provide computer solutions to assist in the prevention and early monitoring of cardiovascular diseases which are a real scourge in Africa.
Thus, it will help practitioners in Cardiology and Neurology for a better management of cardiovascular pathologies in Benin, Senegal and sub-Saharan Africa in general.
During the workshop, the cardiologists made presentations on the challenges of the management of cardiovascular diseases in Senegal, Benin and Africa. These presentations allowed computer scientists to better understand the problems of the field, to understand the specific needs they can meet for a better management of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases and to better understand the innovative tools for a better monitoring of these diseases from Artificial Intelligence.
The workshop ended this Saturday, July 17, 2022 at the Institute of Mathematics and Physical Sciences (Dangbo) with participants satisfied with the exchanges and ready to combine their efforts to effectively improve the management of cardiovascular diseases and reduce at the same time the progression of this major public health concern.