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Workshop to evaluate the DSP of UAC and integrate the regional strategy

Posted on 2022-05-10
From May 9-14, 2022 is held at the hotel "Fifatin" of Bohicon (Department of Zou), the workshop on the evaluation of the Strategic Development Plan (SDP) of the University of Abomey-Calavi (UAC) with integration of the regional strategy. It is the Rector of UAC, Prof. Félicien AVLESSI assisted by his Vice-Rector in charge of University Research, Prof. Aliou SAÏDOU who proceeded to the official opening of the works.
At the beginning, under the moderation of the Head of IDL7, Prof. Gervais KISSEZOUNON, the floor was given to Prof. Joel TOSSA, Coordinator of the CEA-SMIA project to welcome the participants and recall the context and objectives of the workshop.  
Indeed, according to Prof. TOSSA, this workshop is part of the implementation of the indicator related to the institutional impact (Indicator N°7) of the CEA Impact projects of the University of Abomey-Calavi. This is a number of activities that must be carried out by the centers and that must impact the entire University. This indicator is divided into sub-indicators including 7.1 which is the integration of a regional strategy in the PSD of the UAC, the subject of this workshop. The exercise will help to show that the University takes into account regionalization in its DSP. 

The Rector of UAC then gave a speech in which he explained the context of the workshop and its purpose: "The UAC Centers of Excellence for Development Impact project co-financed by the World Bank and the French Development Agency obliges UAC to adopt a relevant regional strategy within the framework of the Indicator Linked to Disbursement (ILD7.1). This integration cannot be effective without the evaluation of the PSD of the UAC (...). This workshop is therefore an opportunity for our institution, especially since it is part of the dynamic initiated by my team since its installation. It will not only allow us to evaluate the inclusion of the regional strategy according to the World Bank's points of attention in our PSD, but also to integrate the elements that have not been taken into account.
This workshop organized with the financial support of the CEA-SMIA project brings together the management team of the UAC, academic, technical and administrative officials of the UAC, the coordinators of the centers of excellence of the UAC and their technical teams, the CEA Impact focal point in Benin, and executives from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
Thus, for five days, participants will attend presentations and carry out group work and discussions in plenary sessions to come up with a revised Strategic Development Plan for the UAC that integrates the regional strategy. f