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About us

Located at the crossroads between scientific research and development action, the CePED is a multidisciplinary unit very involved in the elaboration and implementation of development policies at the national, regional, local/community levels and in international action. .

It acts as both an executing agency, a central program office and a design office and operates on two main functions, namely the development of expertise and the strengthening of partnerships for sustainable development.


The CePED has set up an offer of paid expertise services for public or private organizations in terms of:

  • promotion within civil society and state bodies of reciprocal inter-country projects or projects of purely national interest in the field of sustainable development;
  • development of decision support tools in support of water resources management and the fight against climate change;
  • support for decentralization and the development of local communities.
  • strengthening national capacities to mainstream sustainable development principles, including the Sustainable Development Goals into planning documents;
  • capacity building in mainstreaming climate change into planning and budgeting.


The CePED trains and supports the various development actors, both public and private, at all levels (national, regional and local/community). These actions cover a wide spectrum ranging from the promotion of agricultural entrepreneurship, to the strengthening of governance systems by taking into account cross-cutting themes relating to sustainable development such as climate change, employment, gender, etc.


In terms of partnership for sustainable development, the center has implemented several programs both nationally and internationally. We accept :

  • the south-south cooperation program linking Benin with Bhutan and Costa Rica;
  • support for decentralization and the development of local communities.